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When you deal with anxiety, many of life’s most precious moments can be missed because of the fear and stress that you feel. While most of us deal with some level of anxiety during our lifetime, when it begins to interfere with your everyday living, causing you to avoid certain situations or focus only on avoiding those fears, then it’s time to evaluate your situation, step up, and do something about it.

Overcoming Anxiety – A Pathway to Peace

Millions of people deal with anxiety on a regular basis. Most people actually endure a certain level of stress at some point during their day. Anxiety is nothing more than a significant amount of stress that has built up and makes it hard to focus on the tasks at hand.

Seeking help is a tough challenge for so many people who are struggling with anxiety on a daily basis. There is a social stigma that can be tied to the idea of a mental health issue and even though anxiety has the potential to lead to panic attacks and derail families and even careers, these individuals would rather struggle with their anxiety in private than seek professional help.

That has nothing to do with pride; it’s merely a matter of the nature of anxiety. Since its roots lie in stress, we are programmed to believe that the best way to deal with stress is to face it head on and make the necessary adjustments in our lives so that the stress diminishes (such as get a second job if you’re behind on your bills).

However, anxiety can’t be eliminated like that. People who are anxious will continue to feel stress until they accept the anxiety that they experience and make changes in their life (or at least the way they experience and approach anxiety). For these countless members of the anxiety club, there is an alternative to professional medical counseling or prescription medications that can help them overcome anxiety.

We’ve designed a brand new step-by-step solution to eliminate debilitating anxiety from your everyday life.  We details the causes and symptoms of anxiety (a high percentage of people who suffer from anxiety and anxiety-like symptoms never realize that they have anxiety in the first place), the difference between anxiety and panic attacks, what some of these symptoms may look or feel like in real life, and the steps to take in order to begin to overcome this condition.

Our perspective is that anxiety is not an illness; it’s nothing to be ashamed of, even though many of those who deal with it try to hide it and feel that it’s the result of them not doing something right. This couldn’t be further from the truth and Overcoming Anxiety makes it clear that anxiety is caused by something innate, something natural within the mind’s processing mechanics and it doesn’t mean that a person is weak for dealing with it.
Some of the strongest men and women throughout history have dealt with severe anxiety at different moments in their life.

The Differences in Different Symptoms and Conditions

Our Overcoming Anxiety System introduces the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders. As mentioned, most people have experienced or will experience the strong effects of anxiety during their lifetime. In fact, if a person doesn’t experience anxiety, they may not be pushing themselves to their limits, or their greatest strengths.
Anxiety disorders begin to occur when the individual alters his or her life in a way that is intended to avoid certain situations that may cause those now familiar feelings of anxiety. The Overcoming Anxiety Solution details this important distinction early in the book.

We’ll also focus on the potential for anxiety to build to the point where panic attacks can occur. The term ‘panic attack’ can conjure up a sense of dread among people who have experienced it. It is a severe physical reaction to the anxiety that has built up in the mind for a long period of time and can occur anywhere at any time. Overcoming Anxiety explains the details of panic attacks, what they are based in (why the body and mind react the way that it does) and that it is not something to be ashamed of, though most people who have suffered from a panic attack try to avoid anyone who was with them during it for a period of time afterward.

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